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for your hair



Taninoplastia is an innovation for hair restoration and straightening. This treatment has been a real breakthrough in hair care; with its help, you can solve any problem associated with damage to the hair’s structure. The brand’s breakthrough is launching in the form of a new line of hair straightening products with tannins, which exclude from their composition harmful substances for hair, such as formaldehyde & chemicals.


The active role is played by a special ingredient: tannin. It is the basis for the formula’s healing effects & offers an innovative restoration method & safe straightening for damaged hair. Tannins are plant polyphenols derived from grape skins, which favorably influence the structure of the hair shaft, nourishing & moisturizing. The result is hair that is stronger & healthier not only externally but also from inside.

Available in sizes: 60 ml • 1L

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